Monday, 21 May 2012

Star Ratings Widget and Beautiful Sharing Buttons

Many of you may be Searching of Star Rating Widgets for your website/blog.
As to have feedback is another way to have a good effect on your visitors and let them interact with you. This is the way by which you come to know whether your post is helpful to your readers? And if so, upto what extent?

This also helps you to know that are you going in right direction i.e., according to your visitors.

So, Keeping all these in mind, I am now providing you with a very useful and good site, through which you can add your own STAR RATINGS to your post and customize it for your own choice very easily.

Go to : and register.

Steps to create your Star Ratings Widget:
  • Login to your account. On the left side, Click on "Create New drop down button"> "Rating".
  • Now, you can choose your own style ratings and when you're all done,Click "Save Rating Widget".
  • Now, Copy the CODE that appeared.
  • This is the one code, which you will use for only one post. For multiple posts, you'll have to create as many widgets as the posts.
  • To integrate the Rating into your post, just paste it into the HTML editor of your post between the starting and closing tag. For e.g., you will paste the code before "</div>" or "</br>" or "</anything>".
  • But for the convenience, you will paste the CODE after the post is over. Look at the picture below.
  • You'll paste the CODE before <br/> tag or any other tag in the end of the post.
  • Save the post and You're done!
Add-this gadgets

Beautiful Sharing Buttons:

You all might have seen on many websites very attractive share buttons like of tweeter, facebook and many more. Share buttons are of the important ways to get handful of traffic to your blog/website. These can Boost-up your traffic considerably. So, if you have attractive share buttons, you can make it through.

I am going to give you a website, which is my favorite and very easy to use. You can have multiple ways of presenting the buttons and with one click, they are integrated into your blog.

Go here:  and sign-up/register here.

Now login and choose your platform: site/blog/wordpress or any other.
Choosing blogger, now, you can choose from the variety of share buttons.
The newest and today's trend is of the vertical floating share buttons.

Sharing widgets 
Now, if you've chosen your favorite one, click on "Grab it". It'll automatically get integrated into your blog/website.
It's so easy and you do not need to place the code again and again, once you've placed it, you're done!

You can also Go here:


Any Queries/doubts? Feel free to post in comment and I'll answer you ASAP