Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blogger's Google plus Integration: Grow Traffic

Extend audience with google plus page

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I've posted in my previous article of Increase traffic and shown you how easy is to optimize your blogs in terms of SEO without knowledge of any language, web-designing etc. Today, I will let you know the blogger's recent change rather big move for bringing traffic to your blog with the integration of Google Plus. Google plus is growing rapidly with its popularity and competing Facebook. So its a very nice option to share your posts on the future's best social network by Google.
You all have noticed a Google+ icon on your blogger dashboard. Thanks to Google that they have made it very simple to share the posts directly on your Google plus page as you create a new one. It'd simply popularize your posts and make you visible on Google plus network and hence in gaining more and more traffic!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Best Compression Software- 7zip, WinRAR, KGB Archiver

Top 3 Compression Software

Hello Friends!
Today I'm gonna post about the compression software available on the internet. A compression or archiving software is that which compress your big files into the smaller ones. They also do archiving which is the packing of many files into one single file.
To do this job, there are many software available but the BEST COMPRESSION SOFTWARE are WinRAR, 7zip and KGB.

CODE: G101
Compression software
WinRAR: Most popular archiving software over the world. Quite good interface and user-friendly.

  • Fast compression and password protection for files.
  • Very popular and supports many of the file extensions.
  • WinRAR can create multivolume ZIP archives, which are also known as split ZIP files.
  • Good decompression speed.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

AdSense Tips- Other Tricks to Earn More

Hello! Bloggers,
In our previous posts of AdSense Tips-1 & AdSense Tips-2, I've described about DO'S, DONT'S, How to Block Irrelevant Ads, Ad Placement, How to Increase CPCs and much more. By reading all those, you're now able to earn that much for which adsense is famous for.
In this part, I'm gonna describe some other tricks and ways to add some more bucks to your bucket of Google AdSense!
I am sure that if you've followed our previous guides and then last but not the least this guide, you will be enjoying at-least 2 figure earnings per day with Google AdSense.

As in the previous post I told you that you'll earn as much as your CPCs increases for Ads. I've also told you some of the ways to do that. In this, I'll tell you more about getting higher CPCs by using Google Keyword tool. You might have listened about this tool for Optimizing your Post Titles and for finding search engine optimized (SEO friendly) keywords. Also I will let you know about how can you use Traffic Exchange websites and E-mail marketing on AdSense enabled Blog/Website for increasing your traffic and hence earnings from AdSense.

Get Higher CPCs by using Google Keyword tool: You should use keywords for your blog that have higher CPCs. Keywords are high traffic targeted words that define your blog content. Follow the below steps.

AdSense Tips- Block Irrelevant Ads

Block Unwanted Ads

Hello! Bloggers
In our Previous post of Adsense Tips, I've told you many things about Google AdSense. I've explained with ease what to do and what not to do if you're not getting most out of your Adsense account. I've also talked about Ad-placement, how to attract more advertisers, increasing of CPCs, CTRs within the limits of Adsense policies.

In this section of AdSense Tips, I am gonna tell you How to Block unnecessary and unmatched AdSense ads which restrict your earnings to reach to the maximum level.

So many times, you've seen irrelevant Ads or unwanted Ads which do not match with your blog/website content. Hence, those ads are just waste which in turn heavily affect your clicks and earnings. If visitors see Ads which has no relation with your content then why they would click on them? Just 20% or not more than 50% of them will click but others will not at all bother about them.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

AdSense Tips- DO's and DONT's

Adsense Tips

Hello Friends!
Today I have Brought a common but Critical Information on Google Adsense.Google adsense is the best way of Monetization for any Blogger or website  owner. It is the only one which pays Highest CPCs i.e. Cost Per Click for the Advertisements. Publishers Enjoy a lot for the descent Earnings AdSense give them.
If You've a Website or Blog, you can Sign up for AdSense.
So, You've got AdSense Account, Well this is great. I am gonna Tell you very important things about AdSense which You may know but not upto the right standards. For a beginner, it is difficult to earn from adsense. Earnings do not meet your Expectations and finally you follow SHORT Methods which in-turn let you BREAK THE RULES and Violate TERMS and CONDITIONS and Program Policies of Google AdSense.
Don't worry now, I'll tell you the Tips for Google AdSense by which you'll have quite good Earning.
I will let you know the Dont's, Do's, Tips for google adsense keeping in mind the TOS of Google.
After Reading this, I believe that your Adsense Earnings will boost-up to 40-50% .

DONT'S: As I said earlier, if someone don't get much out of adsense, He does one of the Following which MUST NOT BE DONE
  • Clicking On His Own Ads: Whether to check if he is getting paid for the clicks or to know about the CPCs or to have some more bucks.