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Top 50 All Time Romantic Love Songs

Romance love songs

Hello! Readers,
Today I am going to post Top-50 All Time Romantic English Songs for you.
Check them all and I'm sure you'll also love them too after me.
Please note that the Serial no. doesn't indicate the ranking for the song. The no. is chosen arbitrarily.

  1. I will always love you:                                                  Whiteny Houston.
  2. Making love out of nothing at all:                                   Air Supply.
  3. You're Beautiful:                                                          James Blunt.
  4. 1973:                                                                          James Blunt.
  5. Goodbye My Lover:                                                      James Blunt.
  6. Please Forgive Me:                                                       Bryan Adams.
  7. Everything I do, I do it for you:                                     Bryan Adams.
  8. Have I told you lately:                                                   Rod Stewart.
  9. Words:                                                                        Boyzone.
  10. If  Tomorrow Never Comes:                                          Boyzone.
  11. From This moment on:                                                  Shania Twain.
  12. Forever and for always:                                                Shania Twain.
  13. Feel:                                                                           Robbie Williams.
  14. I want it that way:                                                       Backstreet Boys.
  15. As long as you love me:                                                Backstreet Boys.
  16. Quit playing game:                                                       Backstreet Boys.
  17. Show me the meaning:                                                 Backstreet Boys
  18. Incomplete:                                                                 Backstreet Boys.
  19. Never gone:                                                                Backstreet Boys.
  20. Nothing s Gonna Change My Love For You:                     Westlife.
  21. Seasons in the sun:                                                      Westlife.
  22. You're Stuck in my heart:                                             C21
  23. Every Woman in the World:                                         Air Supply.
  24. I'd Love You to Want Me:                                             Lobo.
  25. I Do (Cherish You):                                                      98 degrees and Mark Wills.
  26. My Heart will go on:                                                     Celine Dion.
  27. I'm Alive:                                                                    Celine Dion.
  28. Total Eclipse Of The Heart:                                           Bonnie Tyler.
  29. Carry You Home:                                                          James Blunt.
  30. The One:                                                                     Elton John.
  31. Why Not Me:                                                               Enrique Iglesias.
  32. Somebody's Me:                                                           Enrique Iglesias.
  33. Hero:                                                                          Enrique Iglesias.
  34. I Wish I was Your Lover:                                               Enrique Iglesias.
  35. Tired of Being Sorry:                                                    Enrique Iglesias.
  36. Love to see you cry:                                                    Enrique Iglesias.
  37. How Deep is Your Love:                                               Bee Gees.
  38. Truly Madly Deeply:                                                      Savage Garden.
  39. I Knew I loved you:                                                      Savage Garden.
  40. Amazed:                                                                      Lonestar.
  41. Another Day in Paradise:                                               Phill Collins.
  42. You Sang to Me:                                                           Marc Anthony.
  43. You Took My Heart Away:                                             Michael Learns To Rock.
  44. Paint My Love:                                                            Michael Learns To Rock.
  45. Angel:                                                                          Shaggy.
  46. Unchained Melody:                                                       Gareth Gates.
  47. Love Just Ain't Enough;                                                 Patti Smith & Don Henley.
  48. Annie's Song:                                                               John Denver.
  49. Living Next Door To Alice:                                             Smokie.
  50. Love Story:                                                                  Taylor Swift.
romance love songs

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