Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Speed-Up PC Free

Speed-Up PC

Hello! All,
Today, I am going to give you  few tips by which you can Speed-up your PC and Clean-up your hard disk for free. These are very simple steps and just 10 minutes work by which you can boost-up your PC's health and performance considerably.
The most of the speed, which is eaten up is due to the registry errors. The old registry and the redundant files can harm your computer and can reduce its capability much more. The result is you will and may not get the top speed and may not able to get the most out of your processor and windows.
The second reason for decreased speed is in hard disk space more precisely in the Drive, where you have installed windows most commonly C Drive. Your computer will be in best condition if the Live drive (where windows is installed) free from unnecessary items. These items may be unnecessary softwares, games or any file created by the windows itself.
So, I will tell you some simple steps to get rid of all these things and to enjoy your computers original speed.
This will work very effectively.

Please Note: To Improve your PC's Performance, I recommend you to do the below steps once in a day. You should do these steps at-least once in a week if you want your windows and computer to be stable and optimized.

For Registry Errors:
  • SS-Tools is a must have registry fixer. This is very lite on resources and less than 1MB. It enhances your registry by fixing-up errors and gives stability to your computer.
  • Download it here.
  • Install it and run it.
  • Click on "Analyze".
  • Once its 100% done, Click on "Fix".
  • You're Done!
Registry fixer

For Hard-Disk Clean-up:
  • Go to Start Menu and Click on "Run".
  • Type "prefetch" and click OK. Click "continue" if it prompt.
  • Now, Delete all the files.
  • Again on Run, type "%temp%" and click OK.
  • Delete all the files in it also.
  • On Run again, Type "temp" and click OK and delete all files.
  • Now go to "C Drive" from "My computer".
  • Right click on it and click on "Properties".
  • Click on "Disk Cleanup" button.
  • Wait for the completion of scanning and Check all the items.
  • Now Click "OK" button. It will prompt for "Delete Files" just click on that.
  • You're Done!
Hard-Disk Cleaner

Hard Disk Defragment Free-up the Disk Space Considerably if done once in a week. To find the best tool for this and to know more, Read this post

Registry Defragment is again a very good tool to keep your registry healthy and hence your Windows and Computer. It may also be done once in a week. To know more and to find the best tool for this, Read this post.

You'll see and feel that your Computer is in Better state Now...:-)
Hope You Liked this information and it is useful for you...:)

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