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AdSense Tips- DO's and DONT's

Adsense Tips

Hello Friends!
Today I have Brought a common but Critical Information on Google Adsense.Google adsense is the best way of Monetization for any Blogger or website  owner. It is the only one which pays Highest CPCs i.e. Cost Per Click for the Advertisements. Publishers Enjoy a lot for the descent Earnings AdSense give them.
If You've a Website or Blog, you can Sign up for AdSense.
So, You've got AdSense Account, Well this is great. I am gonna Tell you very important things about AdSense which You may know but not upto the right standards. For a beginner, it is difficult to earn from adsense. Earnings do not meet your Expectations and finally you follow SHORT Methods which in-turn let you BREAK THE RULES and Violate TERMS and CONDITIONS and Program Policies of Google AdSense.
Don't worry now, I'll tell you the Tips for Google AdSense by which you'll have quite good Earning.
I will let you know the Dont's, Do's, Tips for google adsense keeping in mind the TOS of Google.
After Reading this, I believe that your Adsense Earnings will boost-up to 40-50% .

DONT'S: As I said earlier, if someone don't get much out of adsense, He does one of the Following which MUST NOT BE DONE
  • Clicking On His Own Ads: Whether to check if he is getting paid for the clicks or to know about the CPCs or to have some more bucks.
  • Telling Friends, Relatives or Someone else to click on the ads intentionally: Remember You're not as smart as Google. Don't even inform any of them about your Adsense enabled blog/website.
  • Using Traffic Exchange websites, Auto-clicking Softwares, Auto-responders, Autosurfs, Paid to click etc to get Fake traffic and Clicks.
  • Placing an AdSense unit/Ad Beside any Image on blog/website.
  • Encouraging Clicks by naming the Adsense units like "Click below", "Special Offers" or anything else except "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisements".
  • Placing Adsense Ads on Pages having No or low content like Log-in pages or other pages.
  • Placing any Arrows or any other way which encourage visitors to click on the Ads.
  • Placing Ads on COPYRIGHTED CONTENT: You're also not allowed provide the links which direct the visitors to the site having Copyrighted Content.
Google Adsense DONT'S


So, The things which can increase your earnings  and you should know are:

  • Content: Remember, the Content is king. Do not copy others content write your own content only. Content should be followed by the optimized and relevant images. The blog/website should be as clean as Simplicity is what you need to get higher CPCs.
  • Ad-Placement: To get Higher CPCs and CTRs, Your Ad Placement that is where you have placed your ads is very important. Your Ads Should Be Placed "Above the Fold" to get the most out of Google AdSense.What does Above the Fold Means? Go here to get the complete details. You'll come to know about your Ads Placement. Try to put the Ads above the fold.
  • Mixing Types Of Ad-Units: Currently there are three types of Ad units these are Text ads, Image Ads, Flash/Animated Ads. I recommend the following Ad-Units to place. 720X90 Leaderboard, 160X600 Skyscrapper, 468X60 banner, 250X250 Square, 336X280, 300X250. Though you can also use other units according to your blog space but these are always a good choice. You should use Text ads in between the Text or your Content to get maximum profit. See Image Below. Tick Marked Ad-Units are always a good choice
Recommended Adsense Ad-Units
  • Make Ads Targetable to Advertisers and Attract New Advertisers: AdSense pays to the publishers through its own advertising network Google Adwords. The Advertisers Bid for the Ads and space and set CPCs and CTRs accordingly. So, If your Space is targetable to the advertisers, You'll definitely get higher bids resulting on higher CPCs and hence Higher earnings. By default, Google adsense set it automatically. But you can do the below steps to tell your advertisers about your blog and to attract new advertisers.
Please note: Your Blog/site must be verified in Google Webmaster Tools. To know more, Click here.
  1. Go here and sign-in with the same account as you used to sign-in with Webmaster tools.
  2. Now Click on "Select sites to include" and tick on "Include in profile" on the window that appears and click OK.
  3. Now Click on "Edit Site info" and update your site information. 
  4. Make Sure to Check "Accepted advertising" and select the Recommended Ad-Units as Explained above. 
You're Done.

If you've followed the above guidelines then Congratulations! Just wait and watch for the fantastic results. However this is just 50% done.

Next step: Read AdSense Tips: Block Irrelevant Ads now to make the most out of Google AdSense.

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