Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blogger's Google plus Integration: Grow Traffic

Extend audience with google plus page

Hello Friends!
I've posted in my previous article of Increase traffic and shown you how easy is to optimize your blogs in terms of SEO without knowledge of any language, web-designing etc. Today, I will let you know the blogger's recent change rather big move for bringing traffic to your blog with the integration of Google Plus. Google plus is growing rapidly with its popularity and competing Facebook. So its a very nice option to share your posts on the future's best social network by Google.
You all have noticed a Google+ icon on your blogger dashboard. Thanks to Google that they have made it very simple to share the posts directly on your Google plus page as you create a new one. It'd simply popularize your posts and make you visible on Google plus network and hence in gaining more and more traffic!

Google plus page

So to get started, follow the below steps:
  • First of all, Create a page for yourself on Google plus. Please note: You must create page with the same e-mail ID which you used to log-in to blogger dashboard.
  • Now set-up your page and update all the relevant information according to your blog. See sample page.
  • Now log-in to your blogger account. From the drop-down button, click on "Google+"
  • Now you will see your Google+ page there. Click on that and Google will save your preferences.
  • Make sure to Check/Tick the box "Prompt to share after posting".
  • See the image below for reference.
Blogger's Google+ settings

Now every time you will make new post, It'd automatically published on your page by clicking "share" when prompted by a pop-up window. That is you are publishing the same post on two different networks and hence you'll get more traffic!

I hope you'd like the post and enjoy sharing on Google plus with increase in your audience.

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