Sunday, 5 August 2012

AdSense Tips- Other Tricks to Earn More

Hello! Bloggers,
In our previous posts of AdSense Tips-1 & AdSense Tips-2, I've described about DO'S, DONT'S, How to Block Irrelevant Ads, Ad Placement, How to Increase CPCs and much more. By reading all those, you're now able to earn that much for which adsense is famous for.
In this part, I'm gonna describe some other tricks and ways to add some more bucks to your bucket of Google AdSense!
I am sure that if you've followed our previous guides and then last but not the least this guide, you will be enjoying at-least 2 figure earnings per day with Google AdSense.

As in the previous post I told you that you'll earn as much as your CPCs increases for Ads. I've also told you some of the ways to do that. In this, I'll tell you more about getting higher CPCs by using Google Keyword tool. You might have listened about this tool for Optimizing your Post Titles and for finding search engine optimized (SEO friendly) keywords. Also I will let you know about how can you use Traffic Exchange websites and E-mail marketing on AdSense enabled Blog/Website for increasing your traffic and hence earnings from AdSense.

Get Higher CPCs by using Google Keyword tool: You should use keywords for your blog that have higher CPCs. Keywords are high traffic targeted words that define your blog content. Follow the below steps.

  • First of all Go here and Sign-in. See image for reference.

Google Keyword Tool
  • Now set your options as shown in the image below.

Google Keyword Tool's Settings
  • Now check for your keyword by typing it in "Word or phrase" bar on the top and click search.
  • Now look at the statistics. you should choose that keyword which has:
  1. "Local monthly Searches" greater than 1000
  2. LOW "Competition"
  3. Good and higher "Approximate CPC (Search)"
  • The Keyword that satisfies all of the above 3 conditions is good for you.
  • You will use that keyword and which results in obviously increase in your regular earnings.
You're done

How to use Traffic Exchange websites and E-mail marketing: As described in our previous posts that you are not allowed to use any of these. But, you can use them Indirectly. Follow the below steps.
  • Create a blog with address and name which is similar to the Theme of your website/blog.
  • You can do this by writing Highlighted posts(Posts with brief description or Key-headlines/things) of your original post published at your original blog/website in that blog (New Blog). For Example See our blog
  • Now in the Posts, Post the links for the FULL ARTICLE (Original posts published at your original blog). For Example again see our blog
  • Sign-up for any of the leading traffic exchange websites for example easyhits4u etc.
  • Now you can surf the sites and assign the surf credits to the newly created blog. That blog will Redirect visitors to your original blog.
Hence, you are doing this in compliance with Google AdSense Policies. You are using traffic exchange websites in an indirect manner.
Please Note:Though this method should work perfectly BUT We do not guarantee or take any responsibility if your AdSense account is banned by doing this. As this is not a proven way. This is just a method so we cannot be held responsible for any unfortunates.

You can apply the same technique with E-mail marketing sites. But remember not to use these ways directly to your original blog.

Now you have full right to earn as much as from adsense by displaying quality content only. I assure you that now you can earn at-least 3-5$ per day with your AdSense account.

I hope that you liked our series and that it helped you in getting the juice of Google AdSense.

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