Saturday, 11 August 2012

Best Compression Software- 7zip, WinRAR, KGB Archiver

Top 3 Compression Software

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Today I'm gonna post about the compression software available on the internet. A compression or archiving software is that which compress your big files into the smaller ones. They also do archiving which is the packing of many files into one single file.
To do this job, there are many software available but the BEST COMPRESSION SOFTWARE are WinRAR, 7zip and KGB.

CODE: G101
Compression software
WinRAR: Most popular archiving software over the world. Quite good interface and user-friendly.

  • Fast compression and password protection for files.
  • Very popular and supports many of the file extensions.
  • WinRAR can create multivolume ZIP archives, which are also known as split ZIP files.
  • Good decompression speed.

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7zip Compression software

7Zip: A very useful and a good alternative of WinRAR.

  • Uses less memory than any other compression software.
  • A very good compression ratio, generally higher than WinRAR.
  • Uses Less memory and computer resources.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface, straight forward options.
  • Supports archiving, splitting, joining of files and folders.

Instructions: You have to Download both of the files and also have to install both of the files ".exe" and ".msi".

KGB archiver best compression software
KGB Archiver: Best compression software in terms of achieving smallest possible size.

  • Best Compression ratio than any other compression software.
  • Can compress 1GB of file into just 10MB.
  • Easy to use and different modules of compression.
  • Uses high memory and resources when run on maximum compression mode.
  • Take generally more time to decompress files. A bit slower than other Compression software.

Instructions: You have to Download both of the files and also have to install both of the files ".exe" and ".msi".

Though there are some compression software which are good but the above mentioned are best and worth having. You should give them a try!

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