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SEO made easy for Bloggers get more Traffic

Increase traffic

Hello Friends!
I have talked earlier about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Blogger and how to increase traffic to your website or blog in my previous articles. Today, I am going to provide you with an other very useful information which is approximately 30% of SEO. Amazed? Yes, it is true. Thanks to Google that they have put forward another step for increasing traffic to blogs and to help in doing better SEO.
If you read my previous articles of Increase Website/Blog Traffic: Part-1 and Part-2 , I've talked about Content, Post Title and Post link as an important elements of Search engine rankings.

About 40% is of Content, 20% of Post Titles and 30% of Post Links.
What is a PERMALINK?
Post links are usually called as Permanent link or more commonly Permalinks.
Before, Permalinks are not customizable by the bloggers, and Google automatically generate those links for your posts. As a result, those titles were not search engine friendly and may had effect on your traffic and rankings.
Permenant Link

But now, you can customize the Permalinks in your own way which means you can enrich them with best of your keywords and make your posts more search engine friendly. This simply means you will get more traffic to your blog and hence improve in search engine results.
Google has introduced this service in " Blogger" now. Earlier, it was only in "Blogger in draft"

How to use it:

This service is supported in "Blogger in draft" only so to start with, follow the below steps.
  • To log into your blogger account and create posts, go here:  
  • Click on create post and on the right hand side, you will find an option for "Permalink". Click on that and choose "Custom URL".
  • Give your VALID and SEO FRIENDLY URL and then click on "Done".

Which Characters to be used:

NOT Accepted Characters: 
  • ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) = + ` ? ; ' " : / | \ [] . , etc.  
  • Space.
  • ASCII characters.

Accepted Characters:
  • - i.e. dash (use it to space or break the words).
  • _ i.e. underscore (Never use it, not SEO friendly).

In Permalinks, 4-5 rich Keywords are more than sufficient. Avoid using conjunctions, prepositions and articles example:  to, from, and, in, on, at, etc.

For example:

Bad Permalink is may be of type: free.html

Good and SEO friendly Permalink is may be of type:
Search engines optimisation

This task would fairly increase your traffic and its not too difficult also. Right? :-)
Hope You like this Post and I've helped you in Happy blogging.

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